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Appliance Repair Company in Abu Dhabi

At AM Appliances Repair, we can be your partner in repairing and maintaining that your appliances are working efficiently. We offer a lot of repair services for your appliances at home or at your workplace. We are a team of professional, well – experienced and trustworthy technicians who can give you the best repair services. We have been in this industry for so long and your appliance is our top priority so we make sure that we can provide you best solutions for any issues.




30 Years of Experience


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appliance repair company in abu dhabi appliances repair shop in abu dhabi

Appliance Repair Company in Abu Dhabi

Abu Muhammad Repairing Services in Abu Dhabi and All over UAE.


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Appliance Repair Services

We provide Best Repair services!

Check all about our appliances, washing machine, refrigerator, ac, stove and all kinds of electronics etc. We are located in Abu Dhabi and we provide only home service we can come anywhere in Abu Dhabi to repair electronics in your home.

Electronics Repair Abu Dhabi

Electronics Repair Abu Dhabi includes repair of refrigerator, microwave oven, washing machine, dryer, stoves, televisions, and other electronics; we are offering these services too. If you have these electronics appliances and it’s not properly working, we can able to help you to bring those appliances on how they used to work before.
Example of these is your refrigerator, if you encounter some problems within your refrigerator like water leakage, not getting cold, broken doors, or you couldn’t turn it on then we can help you to fix that. We have Electronics Repair Abu Dhabi which caters all types of electronics. Since we are working so long in this field, we are already experts with any problems that you are experiencing with your electronics.
Another example is our washing machines; of course we don’t want our washing machine not to work properly as it already became a necessity in our lives. With this, if you bump into situations like there’s a water leakage when you are using it, you can’t turn it on, not spinning or not draining then you can contact us as we have Electronics Repair Abu Dhabi who can help you. For your microwave you might run into different problems like if it’s not heating, automatically stopping when it is not yet supposed to stop, no light, or maybe worst is sparking microwave. If ever these things happen to your microwave, you definitely need someone to help you to repair it as soon as possible. We have well – experienced technicians who can help you will all your worries when it comes to your appliances. We also do home service so you can assure that we can finish the work easily. Our technician provides best Electronic Repair Services so you won’t be worrying on how you will fix your appliances, when will you can use it again or even thinking if should buy new or not. We can’t agree that buying new appliances is a good idea but you should also consider on getting your appliances repaired since you can still able to use it once it’s well – fixed. This is why we as the best provider of Electronics Repair Abu Dhabi is offering these services is because we know how to value money and our appliances and this is why we keep on making solutions to every problems that our clients are experiencing when it comes to their electronics appliances. Give us a call whenever you need us and we will surely respond and fix your appliances.

appliance repair abu dhabi

Appliance Repair Abu Dhabi

If you have appliance that need repair within Abu Dhabi like air conditioners, dishwashers, gas stoves, washing machines, refrigerator and a lot more, we are offering appliance repair Abu Dhabi. We can help you with your appliances which are not working at your home or office. We all know that having your appliances repaired can help you save money instead of buying a new one. Why would you buy new when you can us repair your old appliance at home? You don’t have to pay much for the Appliance Repair Abu Dhabi.
One of the advantages of Appliance Repair Abu Dhabi is that you don’t need to go outside and bring your appliances with you as we are catering repairing service at home. We will be the one to fix or repair your appliances at your home at a low – cost price. Another one is if you are a busy person and you can’t be able to buy new appliances or can’t bring your broken appliances to the repair shop, you can just call us, get the appliances and repair it for you. We are expert in all different types of appliances like washing machine which we can repair all brands and sizes and same goes for other appliances you have. We assure that our customers are completely satisfied with our work by finishing our work easy and fast. You don’t have to worry about your appliances as we value them just like how you value them. You can call us if you need repair of your appliances at home.

washing machine repair abu dhabi

Washing Machine repair abu dhabi

Are you having problems with your washing machines at home? Does your washing machine not functioning well like not draining? Not spinning? Clog drains hose? Too much noise when it’s working? Or power problems? Don’t stress yourself as we also have Washing Machine Repair Abu Dhabi. We repair all types of washing machines which include all brands, all sizes and all washing machine issues. If you won’t be able to fix it on your own then we can fix it for you at a budget – friendly price. We have skilled workers who can help you in Washing Repair Abu Dhabi. We also do home repair services wherein you can just call us anytime if you are experiencing problems with your washing machine or if you have broken washing machine that you want to be repaired. You don’t have to worry about the price or amount that you will be spending since we will work and get your washing machine working again.
If we need some time to fix your washing machine, you have choices whether you want us to be back at your house or if we can also bring your washing machine to our repair shop so we can fix it there. Keep in mind that as long as we can finish it easily, we will definitely finish it but we can’t confirm it unless we already saw the conditions and issues of your washing machine. Our Washing Machine Repair Abu Dhabi workers will bring the basic tools for fixing your washing machines. You don’t have to worry because we also provide the materials or parts that we will need once we are fixing your appliances. In regards to payment, you can pay us after the work is done. Contact us for more details about our services as we are the best Washing Machine Repair Abu Dhabi.

refrigerator repair Abu Dhabi

Refrigerator Repair Abu Dhabi

Refrigerator is one of the most important appliances we have at home. It helps us to be sure that our foods are all safe and fresh. However, we also encounter a lot of issues related to our refrigerator especially that if we are using it for years. We should not ignore minor issues that we are experiencing since it can damage the whole refrigerator. With this, our services include the Refrigerator repair Abu Dhabi wherein we can fix your refrigerator for you. We know how you value your appliances and this is why we assure our customers that we can fix it as soon as possible. We have experts for the repairing of all the types of refrigerator, all brands and all sizes. Refrigerator Repair Abu Dhabi includes the whole repair of your refrigerator with the right tools which are also provided by us. We also have home service for the Refrigerator Repair Abu Dhabi services. You can just call us and we will go to your location and fix your refrigerator. We also ensure that our customers are all satisfied with our home repairing services of their refrigerator. Contact us now and we would be very happy to assist you always.

Dishwasher Repair Abu Dhabi

Dishwasher Repair Abu Dhabi

Having dishwashers makes our everyday lives easier as we will not be worrying on how we will wash our dishes. But if the dishwasher stops working, it will cause stress to us. We also have Dishwasher Repair Abu Dhabi where we can handle all of your dishwasher issue. We can bump into different kinds of problems with our dishwasher like if your dishwasher doesn’t working or starting. This can be the main issue of why we can’t use it. It probably has a problem with the electricity of the appliance itself. For this matter, we can solve that issue. Another one is if the dishwasher doesn’t drain. Many of our customers also encounter this kind of issue. This is why we have Dishwasher Repair Abu Dhabi which can handles all repairs from electricity to the actual parts outside of the dishwasher. Your dishwasher can also bump into dissimilar issues like if it makes noise while it’s starting, water is leaking while you are using it, and if the dishwasher does not clean. We are well – experienced in this field so we guarantee you that your appliances are all safe with us. We provide home service for Dishwasher Repair Abu Dhabi. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you come across any problems with your dishwasher.

AC Repair Abu Dhabi

AC Repair Abu Dhabi

We have AC Repair Abu Dhabi where we can handle all of the issues that you are experiencing in your AC Units. Our services also includes the repairing of the whole AC Units, changing parts it there’s a need to change, and cleaning your AC Units to assure that everything is working fine. We can do all AC Repair Abu Dhabi; all types, brands and sizes we can accommodate all of that. We charge at a very reasonable price depends on the issues of your AC Units. For our clients to be assured with our work, we ask them to pay once our work is done. We have a team of Professional, skilled and trustworthy technicians who can able to assist you in regards to your AC Units. They work with integrity and they ensure that our customers will be happy and completely satisfied with the services that they are acquiring for us. They will check first the conditions of your units and tell you how many hours or days for them to finish it and for that, they assure that they can definitely finish it at the right time. Don’t hesitate to give us a call whenever you need AC Repair Abu Dhabi services.

AC Maintenance Abu Dhabi

As the best repair shop and services in Abu Dhabi, we are also providing AC Maintenance Abu Dhabi. If you need AC Maintenance Services which includes installing, maintaining, and repairing air conditioning systems and equipment. It also includes the identification of the problems of your AC Units and maintaining that it’s on good conditions. AC Maintenance Abu Dhabi services also include the cleaning and securing that the units are all working properly. Some homes and companies preferred to have a person who is maintaining the AC units. This kind of service can be per month, year or it depends on the contract between the technician and the company. Of course, we know that with this kind of weather having AC really became a necessity for all of us and this is why we are providing this kind of services where you will not be worrying about you AC units. Our professionals have a lot of experience in AC units, different types, sizes, and brands. They will assure you that they will give you the best in AC Maintenance Abu Dhabi. If you are interested in this service, please give us a call and we will be always happy and excited to serve you.

Home Appliances repair in Abu Dhabi

Home Appliances repair in Abu Dhabi

We are offering Home Appliances Repair in Abu Dhabi. We know that we have a lot of appliances at home like refrigerator, television, dishwashers, gas stoves, coffee maker, pressure cooker, washing machine and a lot more. We are using home appliances every day in our homes and this made our work much easier than the manual work. For example is the coffee maker, you don’t actually have to make it by yourself; you can just put it in the coffee maker and let it make for you. That’s it! Home appliances can make our day more comfortable. Enjoying the advantages of having home appliances is fine but we should keep in mind that our appliances might get tired too as they are also working. With this, if you are encountering issues about your home appliances, we are here to manage and fix the problems for you. As the best and professional Home Appliances Repair in Abu Dhabi, we assure that our customer’s appliances will be repaired at the given time. We only accept payments after the work is done so you can be assure that your appliances are all properly working. We ensure that as a service provider of Home Appliance Repair in Abu Dhabi, we will do our best to make you well – satisfied with our work.

Gas Stove Repair Abu Dhabi

Having gas stoves at home can become our partner in cooking home especially if we are active in cooking of any foods. Buying gas stoves may be cost a lot but it really helps a lot but there are times that our gas stoves might not perform properly. Sometimes we can face some problems while using it and of course we don’t want it to interrupt in what we are cooking at home. With the gas stoves matter, we are offering Gas Stove Repair Abu Dhabi where you don’t have to worry anymore about your gas stove as we can handle all of your gas stove issues. If you are experiencing difficulties with your gas stoves like weak burner flame where the flame does not look like the way you used it before, if the gas stove doesn’t light up, or if it has gas odor and greasy surface then you should contact us right away. We are the best Gas Stove Repair Abu Dhabi and we have experts in Gas Stoves. You also don’t have to worry as we are also repairing at your homes. We will also be the one to provide the tools that we need in repairing your gas stoves. Our Gas Stove Repair Abu Dhabi service doesn’t cost too much than you think. You can pay us after ensuring that your gas stove works perfectly fine.

All kinds of Appliances Repair Abu Dhabi

We do repair of all kinds of appliances in Abu Dhabi. We can repair all of your appliances that are not properly working and you can pay us after we finish repairing your appliances. Our services include All Appliance Repair Abu Dhabi where we can cater any of your appliances. We assure that we can fix it for you. We also have Washing Machine repair Abu Dhabi. You don’t have to worry about your washing machine if it’s not working the way it works before because we can repair it for you. We also have Refrigerator Repair Abu Dhabi where we can repair all types of refrigerator. If your dishwasher needs repair then we also have Dishwasher Repair Abu Dhabi. When it comes to the AC Maintenance, we are also providing AC Maintenance Abu Dhabi to homes or it can also be in office. Our Professional Technicians are well – experienced in managing the AC units so we can assure you that your units are well working all the time. If you have problems with your gas stoves, we also have Gas Stoves Repair Abu Dhabi. We can fix all types of gas stoves.
We also do other Home Appliances Repair in Abu Dhabi like if you want your television, microwave oven, coffee maker and other appliances to be repaired then we can repair it for you. Just contact us and we will be happy to repair your appliances.

our main focus repair and cleaning services services areas in abu dhabi

Repair and cleaning services. Call if you want to repair refrigerators, repair washing machines, repair gas ovens, repair air conditioners, repair electronics, repair ovens. Stovetops repair, refrigerator repair shops, air conditioning maintenance, electric and gas ovens, We provide all types of repairs services Get a discounted price in Cleaning services in Mohammed bin Zayed, Mafraq, Baniyas, Khalifa City A, Shakhbout City, New Falah, Old Falah, Shamaha, Al Shaamah, Al Rahba, Al Samha, Shahama, Tawila, New Shahama, Shalila, Mussafah, Bin Jassreen, Officers City, Al Mushrif, Al Muroor, Al Reem Island, Al Bandar City, Al Raha Park, Al Muneera, Al Reef Villas, Al Ajban, Al Nahda West, Al Nahda North, Al Fayhaa, Al Dhafra, Al Bateen, Al Marasy, Etihad Towers, Abu Dhabi Corniche, Saadiyat Island, Yas Island, Al Zahia District, District Al Dana, Al Nahyan, Al Manhal, Al Hosn, Zayed Sports City.

Let's get technician in your Home just by one Call.

We offer different kinds of repair services in Abu Dhabi. It includes repair of all types or brands of washing machines, refrigerators, AC Units, dishwashers, gas stoves and dryers. We are experts and we assure you that we can handle all issues and repair it quickly and in budget – friendly price.

  • Washing Machine Repair in Abu Dhabi
  • Refrigerator Repair in Abu Dhabi
  • AC Repair in Abu Dhabi

It’s really better for the appliances to be repaired instead of buying new appliances. This can help you save more money because you don’t need to spend a lot by having your appliances repaired. This is also a very easy and convenient way than buying new since our technicians can do home services so no need to worry about your location and appliances that needs to be fixed.

You can message and call us for bookings of your appliances. Once the booking is confirmed, we will go there at the scheduled date and time for your appliances that needs to be repair.

Yes, we do home service repair. We can also accommodate our customers who want their appliances to be repaired in their homes.